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Condo Insurance and Homeowners Coverage

Owning a condo brings a nice break from some of the problems of owning a home.  Upkeep such as roof repair, gutters, lawn maintenance, and water lines are taken care of by the homeowner's association, or may occasionally be assessed to all the association members.

Beach Condo Coverage

After Hurricane Katrina and several other national tragedies, insurance companies clamped down on what and how much they would insure some real estate for - especially hotel-condos. At first many of the companies such as Allstate refused to insure anything on the ocean, or condos that were near it. Fortunately that didn't last long, but even now, many will require that you have your car and/or regular homeowner's insurance with them before they will provide beach condo insurance. Before you buy that perfect oceanfront vacation condo, be sure to check with your insurance agent for the requirements on insuring it!

HO6 Insurance For Adjoining Condo Units

Many condo mortgages will include property taxes and perhaps a life policy that covers your death and protects your family in case of that occurrance.  But what happens to your condo if there is a fire or flood in your own unit?

Different HOA by-laws will have different rules set down as to individual liability for damages due to fire, flood, or negligence from the homeowner.  Many by-laws will require that the owner of the condo in which the problem originates will be held responsible for adjoining unit damages as well, while others will stipulate that each owner will be responsible for his own.

In example, let's say you have a condo on the second floor, and your hotwater heater springs a leak one day.  You are at work, or perhaps on vacation, and the water starts coming out.

Even a slow leak will start showing on the ceiling of the unit below yours after a few hours.  A big leak could conceivably collapse their ceiling and dump a gush of water right in their living room!  If you have no H06 condo insurance, you will not only be faced with repairing and replacing your own property, but you can be liable for repair their unit as well.

Picture your washing machine suddenly not stopping when the barrell fills. By the time you find out, or someone notices, it might involve multiple units...the common areas of the building, and cost many thousands of dollars to repair.

Then imagine one of your electronic gadgets causing a fire. Your condo is ruined, your next door neighbor's is damaged... the unit below or the unit above is burned or suffers smoke damage.  If you don't have H06 condo insurance, you'd better have pockets deep enough to take care of all these damages.

Renters Insurance

Somewhat related is the condo or townhouse renters policy.  Your landlord will seldom provide protection for your own belongings.

Both kinds of condominium insurance are relatively inexpensive and can be a real lifesaver in times of trouble such as fire and flood. Keep them with the same insurance company as your car, and you'll usually get a nice discount on both premiums.

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